Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Toddler Fit of the Day

How to have fits like a toddler. Today's lesson: Birds do not want to be inside of our house

Currently there is a bunch of birds right in front of our deck door. Since it is a glass door she can sit and watch them, which she loves to do. Today however she decided that they need to be inside of our house. 

So, she goes over to the glass door. Half of them fly away. 

Then she tries to open the door for the rest of the birds, so I help her open the door and of course the rest fly away. She cries. For a successful toddler fit repeat until distracted by something else

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

10 months

In less than a half an hour my little girl will be officially 10 months old. I cannot believe how fast it has gone by and as I sit here and watch her sleeping all curled up with her toy sheep in her grip, I still cannot believe that I am lucky enough to be her mom,. I am lucky enough to have her in my life, and to watch her grow up. At 10 months she is already beautiful inside and out. She is strong, courageous, independent, funny and talented. She is everything I imagined when I dreamed of becoming a parent and she is so much more. I wish I could stop time and cherish where we are right now forever, but I also can't wait to see who she is as she grows up.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Miley Cyrus

So, I had to look up the clip of Miley Cyrus because I don't watch award shows and after watching it, I have a few things to say.
1. it really wasn't nearly as bad as everyone had been acting.  I have seen way worse on TV
2. she looks like an idiot and none of it was sexy or acting sexy.
3. it isn't all her fault

While I do believe that it is her decision to act like that, I do think we have to realize the underlying cause of this is being ignored. First off, do you really believe any celebrity is getting ready for these shows on their own? She isn't some regular young adult getting ready in her bedroom alone. She has teams of stylists and fashion-gurus helping her get ready. This means someone picked out and made her outfit for her. it wasn't some blind decision. The same goes for the dancing. There is a choreographer involved, period. There is lighting and sound guys, there is music arrangers and a string of other people all pushing her in a certain direction. I remember me at 20. I was young, stupid, and if I was in her situation probably would have also got caught up in a scandal. In fact the majority of 20 year old's do wild and crazy things that are way to overly sexualized. This is why they are still making "Girls Gone Wild" dvds. The difference is most 20 year old's do not have cameras following them around, they also do not have people pushing them in the direction that they feel profit them the most.  If you believe this was 100% Miley's creation you need a reality check. If you believe somewhere someone in't making a billion dollars selling these scandals, you are wrong.

I think it is time that people realize, acts like these are not one person "going wrong" they are the cause of a deeper unit at work here. One that feeds off of chaos and lies, one that preys on young adults because they can. One that is being drilled into every young child's mind through music, tv shows and media. It isn't about one girl acting crazy on TV. Its about so much more than this. We can pin blame on one person all we want, it does not change the fact that this is happening. It does not explain why child stars are falling in droves in this same pattern. You can't change your image from child to adult without some experimenting with who we want to be. And you shouldn't have to. Everyone should have the freedom to find who they are as an adult. I am happy I was allowed to do mine without the media questioning my every mood. Stars are not that lucky, maybe this is why their attempts are bigger and more exaggerated, maybe they just seem that way. Maybe at the end, this experience will make her a been women, maybe she will regret it, maybe it doesn't even matter to her. But it should not matter to us.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Our Library offers this amazing program for babies called Lapsit. We go, sing songs, read books, play musical instruments. Tempest loves it. And I love it too, for the most part. What I don’t love is how it makes me feel sometimes.
This is because there are a few moms there who you can tell are very good friends. They are what I would call the popular moms. The ones who gab about their careers and mutual friends and ask each other how their vacations went. Now, I have never been great at making friends and have very few people I would consider good friends, and even fewer who I think would consider me good friends. So, it makes me extremely sad to see such close bonds that I know I will never be a part of. To be honest, I really thought one of the nice parts of having kids would be the social interaction and belonging to the parenting club. Now I am starting to see that it might not be that easy.
Also, a huge problem seems to be at the ripe old age of 29 I am obviously the “old” parent there. Not only that, but to top it off I am way behind with this being my first Kid. I seem to be the only one in the entire neighborhood with only one child. Every other mom is on two or three. Because of my old age I am getting a lot of questions asking if this will be our only. Now, I didn’t really think I was that old to be starting to have kids, and I most certainly didn’t think I was old enough to be done having kids. After all, I am constantly reading studies about how women are postponing kids until older and older. Where were these parents? Where was my 30 somethings that I expected? Most certainly not here. Typically, I am use to being one of the younger people in the group. Most of my friends are a good 15-20 years older. I seem to get along good with that group. Normally, this gap is made more apparent my the fact that I look extremely young for my age. And while most of the time I could pass for this age group of parents, when I am there, it is no mistaken that I am older. Its like they are bloodhounds meant to sniff out the truth.
There is one other thing that makes me feel uncomfortable in this group, and yes it is petty and shallow, but it is also something women face on a daily basis, and that is many of the moms are pretty moms. Mostly these are the same moms that are the popular moms. Which puts me at a severe disadvantage. Now I not only do not act like these moms, I don’t look like them either. I am extremely uncomfortable in my own skin. I was over weight before I got pregnant and while I didn’t gain a lot during pregnancy, I did gain some. Then after I found it extremely difficult to lose weight, especially since any attempt to limit calories to a normal amount was causing a severe drop in my milk production. Now at 8 months I am still 5 pounds heavier than I was before getting pregnant and a good 30 more away from where I would like to be.
This weight has another significant impact on my life, which is clothes. I have very little that fit. And a total on none that fit and are stylish. Also, because of money and the fact that I am a cheapskate, I am not buying any. Instead I sport a plain t-shirt and jeans almost daily. While the skinny, popular people can probably pull this look off and be considered classic and timeless, on me it looks dumpy and old. What is worse off is even the few other “big” moms still look nice. They still have this cute vibe around them. I just can’t achieve, because although some of them look like they may be heavier than I am, I have most of my extra weight in my chin and in my tummy. Anything I wear is going to make me look pregnant. There is no hiding a tummy like mine. I have to admit being pregnant was wonderful because I could finally stop trying to suck in my tummy for 9 months. But now there was no excuse. Especially with Miss popular (and mother of two, whose youngest is 3 months), who fits back in her size 2 clothes. I leave feeling short, fat, and ugly.

I know it isn’t about how I look and truthfully there is no contest going on here, but I also can’t help but feel like I am delivering a slight blow with how smart my daughter is. She is ahead on her milestones, which is a huge amount of pride for me, even though I know this really hasn’t shown any evidence what so ever to have an effect later in life. The fact that she can almost walk at 8 months puts a look of depression on their face, the same look I have when I look at them. Somehow this is justice, or at the very least karmic balance in some sort of twisted way. 

But despite my own issues, we go, every week. Because Tempest loves the library, the music and looking at other kids. While she isn’t old enough to really play with them she loves watching them dance around and march. Its these things that we do for our children that are true testaments as how much we love them. But honestly, I enjoy our time afterward much more. We like to walk around the library, we look at a few books, and talk with the library ladies, who are much more my pace of people. We play on the giant stuffed tiger they have, which Tempest adores. For a moment, it is just her and I in this wonderful place of books, sharing in something we both love.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Not a newborn

Everyone tells you how hard having a newborn is; they selectively leave out how hard it is to have a baby past the newborn stage. As if somehow to tell you “Once you get past those first few months, it gets better”. I am here to tell you, this may not be true. Tempest was an easy newborn; She hardly ever cried, she slept when she was tired, and we were in blissful ignorance that it would always be like this. I have to say, we may have been lucky as first time parents. I did not feel exhausted or overwhelmed in the slightest. In fact compared to the exhaustion I felt being 42 weeks pregnant, I felt great. My midwife told be numerous times that first week to “sit down! You are still healing” I felt healed, I felt great, I really wanted to get up and clean the house. People brought food, offered assistance, Tim went back to work, everything was fine.

In screeched babyhood. My daughter is no longer the peaceful sleeping infant. She is full on busy active baby. Babies are active. All the time. And she hates sleep. Its a Mexican standoff with her, sleep, and me. Who is going to give out first? Typically it is me. Her very effective way of fighting sleep and me is to out run us. As long as she is moving, she can’t fall asleep. “Just lay there for half a minute” is typically what you would hear me say if you were on the other end of our video surveillance. If I can get her to not cry and lay down she will be out within a minute, but she knows this plan. For awhile, I had resorted to giving her bottles to lay down (even though every book tells me not to). This worked because she would have to lay still to eat. Then she caught on to this plan, now she plays with the bottles, swinging it over her head, spilling formula all around. If she is actually hungry and knows she is starting to fall asleep, she kicks her legs back and forth until she is done with the bottle. Then, it is back to wild bottle swinging.

Typically, by the time she falls asleep I am in need some serious down time. I am not the type of person that can just flip a switch and be asleep. So, it takes me some time to relax enough to fall asleep. The longer the struggle, the longer I need. This of course means I do not get to sleep nearly fast enough and a few hours after I do fall asleep, she is up again. Consequently, I am exhausted beyond believe.

This is what I imagined when people told me those first few weeks were tiring. When she was younger and I was so tired she could play in her crib or I could nap while she naps. This no longer works out that way. I can’t sleep when she does because she doesn't take as many naps as she use to, and the Mexican standoff isn't just a nightly occurrence it also occurs every nap time. While she is awake, there is no playing by herself. Well there is, but it includes trying to shove cat toys and cats in her mouth, and getting into the trash. So, I must be awake to monitor this. She refuses to play or sleep in her crib. Whether it is a form of Separation anxiety or not has yet to be determined. In either case, it means leaving her in her room usually resorts to her holding onto the edge of the crib looking desperate to escape baby jail.

So Now, in my exhausted state, 8 months into baby-land, I wonder: where the hell are the people with food now. Someone come make me dinner. Everyone is anxious to help out with the brand new baby, but now they have all seen her. And I “have a handle on the whole mothering thing” as one of my relatives put it. Yes, I am a mom. Yes, I am fried. Yes, I run to the store every time we need something just so I can sit in the car and breath without having to worry about someone sticking handfuls of cat hair in their mouth. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

With Baby Comes Stuff

With a baby there comes stuff. We are a pretty simplistic family and typically do not like to keep a lot of stuff in our living space, does this mean we kept our baby stuff to a minimum? Well, yes and no. If you are asking me if my house is neat and clean, with all the toys put away, then no. It more resembles a hotel room after the rock stars partied hard; that is, instead of beer bottles its baby bottles, and instead of drugs its paci's, and  instead of trails of mangled magazines and newspapers with scandalous reviews, well ok, that one we have (of course the reviews are which brand of diapers, or what teething toy, but still). We, also, have mounds of things that didn't quite work like we expected and things that we absolutely love. So, here is my 6 month list of very important baby items that we never knew we needed.

First and foremost, The Rock N' Play. Tempest slept in this from night two, night one for the few hours we were not doing after birth stuff she slept between me and my midwife. It was a perfect "nest for her. We could move her around the house. She got to sleep right next to me, which was great for waking up every 2 hours. At almost 7 months, we are still using this. Tempest wakes up around 5-6am and does not want to be alone. So, into the rock n play with a bottle she goes. She falls asleep while eating, i can just pull the bottle and go back to sleep ( I am not an early riser, if you wake me up before 8 you better do so with coffee or an energy drink). While we don't use this around the house anymore, It is still the single most useful baby thing we used.

Boppy. While this is great for breastfeeding support, we really didn't use it much for that purpose. It is more so for tummy time, naps, sitting up, and most recently throwing at the cats. I won't go into much detail about the specifics since practically every list on the internet says how much you need one. I will just say, buy it, and buy the waterproof cover, I have the cover and then the pretty covers that go over it, so easy to wash when say baby pees on it

Mini-Boppy. I got this as part of a gift set that included an activity mat. While we didn't use the mat much, we used the crap out of the pillow. While they tell you to start tummy time as early as possibly, what they don't tell you is babies hate tummy time (at least mine did) also, what they don't tell you is the full sized Boppy pillow looks like a bolder against a tiny few week old baby. The mini boppy was the perfect size. It was also great for head support to prop her up a little. And again is currently being used as a weapon of punishment for any cat who dares not listen to Tempest's babble that I can only take to me "Come here, Kittie!"

Mini-Boppy for Mini Baby

Chain/Links: Seriously, this toy looks kinda dumb, I mean its simple; its just rings that clip together, how entertaining is that? Well, let me tell you, extremely. Not only does Tempest love these rings, they are also the most useful things in the world. We use them to clip toys on everything; her carseat; stroller; walker; high chair; Mobile. You can pretty much use these anywhere. it prevents toys from be dropped to the ground and being lost forever. I have found, they are, also, making great teething toys.

Jeep Stroller: we looked at a lot of strollers. Seriously, I had no idea there was a world of types of strollers. I wanted one that had 3 wheels and that the wheels were big enough to go over pebbles without getting stuck like some form of rocky quick sand. I love walking and hiking and wanted something that could stand up to trails. This does it. Its heavy duty, never gets stuck, and so easy to push i can do it one handed while walking next to the stroller (for optimum cuteness viewing). I have no doubt when she is a little bigger the cup holders and wheel toy on the front will be a big hit. And while I haven't used the built in speaker feature yet, I love the idea and plan to use it as soon as I can steal my husbands MP3 player

A Book of Sleep By Il Sung Na
This book is so good, I am including a link to amazon so you can buy it right now. It is simple, sweet and the pictures are amazing! Seriously, I am so in-love with this book that i made photos from it my background on my laptop.

While we have plenty of other things that we use on a daily basis, these are the best products!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Our Very Merry Un-Birthday Celebration

I Thought I would post about of adventure of Tempest's very merry un-birthday celebration. We decided we would go to the Zoo. I love the Zoo and she loves going for walks in the stroller. We have a membership to our local zoo, The Detroit Zoo, So we packed up and headed out.
All ready to go
Mom and Tempest Looking at the big birds. Tempest liked the Eagles

Froggy statue

Mom's favorite is the Penguins

Tempest Liked the Monkey's. They made faces at her

Old Man Monkey

It was kind of chilly that morning and many of the animals were sleeping when we got there. Then it got super hot super fast. We had a little set back because mom left the bottle nipples at home, So Tempest got a new sippy cup and a swirly straw cup so she could have some food. She, also, got to try french fries for the first time. They were yummy. We had a lot of fun hanging out as a family. It was the perfect day for a 6 month very merry un-birthday celebration.